Wall of shame


Well, even in my infinite wisdom and beauty, I make bad drawings sometimes. These are my ten least favorite drawings from the 99 problems project. It was kind of hard to choose, but a helpful criterion was, “If I could magically do ten of them way BETTER, which ones would I improve?” I did all of these drawings more than once (except Skechers, because it didn’t deserve it), yet this was the best I could come up with. This time. I may try to improve these ten pictures.

I think the problems can be grouped into categories, which are:

Too complex/finicky (Godzilla, oil spill, bird poop, lumberjack)

Proportionally incorrect (ring, Skecher)

Hesitant drawing style (cat)

Just plain blergh (pink slip, tapeworm, planes)


…There are many ways things can be ugly.

But it helps that your eye WANTS to like a drawing! Your brain WANTS to feel the happiness that results from seeing something fun… so a drawing has to be pretty bad before it’s totally unfulfilling.

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