Gouda in 3-D!

The Verzets Museum (resistance museum) in Gouda was the highlight of a lovely day trip. We just kind of stumbled into the cafe behind the museum, and then later into the tiny museum itself, which had a great exhibit on. Photographer Wim Berssenbrugge built one of the first 3-D cameras by hooking together two normal cameras, with the lenses eye-width apart. Then he took pictures of the WWII period in Den Haag. I wished my parents had been there to see the photos- looking at them projected large on a wall in the darkness (while wearing 3-D glasses) was amazing- a very realistic wartime experience.

The poster for the exhibit featured one of the photos… A gorgeous hand-tinted portrait of a Dutch resistance fighter – here is a Here is a PDF of the poster, but the colors don’t do it justice!

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