Lecture at Graphic Design Museum, Breda

I was looking forward to the double Ellen Lupton / Autobahn lecture enough to pay 27 EUR for the train ticket out to Breda (railway robbery!). The event was a little different from what I was expecting, though. Ellen Lupton’s talk seemed to be largely about DIY book publishing, and also Richard Scarry’s busytown, and her drawings of various designers as Richard Scarry cartoon animals. It was very entertaining, but the main thematic threads eluded me…. Possibly because I was frustratingly, unexpectedly buzzed from one beer.


Then the very cool Dutch design team Autobahn got up to speak and announced that they had just found out that they were supposed to give the lecture in English, which they were unprepared for. And, I kid you not, Ellen Lupton proclaimed, “It’s okay, I understand Dutch!” And I thought, of course you do, Ellen Lupton, of course you do.

So then I had to listen to a Dutch lecture, the point of which missed me by a country mile. Gutted, Todd! I really was looking forward to hearing about Autobahn’s work and methods! And the train fare!


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