House Beautiful has a New Logo

The other day I picked up an issue of House Beautiful in an optometrist’s office and thought, “This magazine looks a bit crap… the logo is gross!” But to my surprise there were some great articles inside – well-researched and beautifully laid-out.

And then today I saw on that House Beautiful has a new logo.  Maybe now the covers won’t cause creatives to shun the magazine!

Is it just me, or does the new logo look more like the Archer typeface? I have Archer on the brain. I saw it in 65,000 different places today in the Chester, MT Wells Fargo branch. It was like the scary Archer-Time Playhouse. Then I went to Mike’s IGA supermarket and saw it all over the Hot Stuff Foods food-warming device.

In other news, my recent foray into the stock market already has me down several hundred dollars. HOW DO PEOPLE HAVE THE NERVES FOR THIS CRAZY GAME?? Who is responsible for this? Greece? Obama? People with home mortgages?

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