Like a lot of graphic designers, I’ve been seeing the Archer typeface everywhere. However, I didn’t know that it was designed for Martha Stewart Living until I read it in her magazine the other day (Busted! But seriously, that magazine has fiendishly good, if ridiculously time-consuming, ideas! Just try to ignore the 3000 shades of New Colonial Turquoise). This made me think, “Wow! Mad props Martha Stewart design director! You commissioned something great!” and also… “HI-LARIOUS! The whole world is trying to copy MARTHA STEWART’S typographic tone… and generally failing miserably!”

Take this horrible page from bank Wells Fargo’s website: Not only can someone not spell ‘services’ correctly …but he or she apparently set tracking values in the dark.

Yeah, I said it: Hoefler & Frere-Jones need to march into the Wells Fargo headquarters, throw a refund down on the desk, and march out with the Archer license. Wells Fargo needs to be protected from itself. AIGA beat me to this conclusion by a year.

Seriously, Wells Fargo, look at your whole website. Think about your life.

Think about your choices.


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