Hete meisjes!

Hete meisjes!

I’m attempting to learn a small amount of Dutch before traveling to The Netherlands in August and hurling myself into the job market (or perhaps taking the stealthy approach – sneaking into design offices while people are out at lunch, and just using someone’s workstation as if I’d always been there).

The language-learning software I’m using is Rosetta Stone version THREE – so state of the art that if I don’t pick up at least a LITTLE Dutch, I’ve got to be a silly vrouw!

Today I typed “het meisjes” into Google Translate, just to see if I could remember the correct spelling of “the girls”.

Google Translate asked me, “Did you mean HETE meisjes?”

“Did I?” I thought. “What on earth does HETE mean? Are the cool kids spelling ‘the’ a different way now?”

Hot. Hete means hot. Google Translate thought that knowing the phrase “hot girls” would help me out more than just “the girls”.

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