Jingle Balls

Jingle Balls

Hmm. I’ve been planning to post pictures of this project for a while. Actually since before Christmas. The plan was to put a nice sequential image slideshow together – but that didn’t happen. So the world is going to have to take or leave this one picture.

The project is probably explained pretty well by this image anyway. A store in England wanted to run an Icebreaker promotion for the Christmas holiday. They were interested in giving away an Icebreaker gift box with any two pieces of Icebreaker sold, in the hopes that more people would buy two things instead of one. Our challenge was to try to improve upon the gift box idea by making the offer more compelling and more sustainable (thousands of boxes that are just going to get thrown away are not that great for the environment). And naturally the budget was not enough for anything fancy. Pretty much the budget was just enough for… a cardboard box.

Eureka! We came up with a good idea that fulfilled all requirements! By adding a few cardboard dividers to the box, as well as an assembly diagram, we turned the throwaway gift box into a reusable ornament storage box. Christmas-y, sustainable, original, and useful. Go team!

I almost got away with putting “JINGLE BALLS: I’m a reusable ornament storage box” on the side of the box. It would have been hilarious because the merino’s testicles are naturally ginormous, and you can see them in the photo. But sadly this message was changed at the last minute to simply “I’m a reusable decoration storage box.” The joke lives on in my mind though.

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