Awwww to the power of tee hee hee!

Recently I was given the slightly surprising job of art directing the Icebreaker Kids’ photoshoot. Slightly surprising because 1) I’m a designer, not a kid wrangler and 2) I’m not usually that great with mandatory kid interaction. They can smell my fakey forced enthusiasm a mile away. But. I did it, thank gourd, and it’s over. The kids we worked with weren’t models – they were kids of staff and friends and such. A few of them were great, but a few were extremely … difficult. I got my face smacked by a tiny three year old bully and I was flipped off by a spoiled eight year old.

But overall, it was a great learning experience. Here are some lo-res shots of me trying hard to get a little squirt named Loki to look at the camera. He’s a cutie!!

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