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This site now looks a little less terrible when viewed in Internet Explorer! According to my Google Analytics report, this will actually make a difference to 24% percent of the site’s viewers. Whoa–24% of people still use IE?? I would have guessed that stat was a lot lower. Let’s see how those stats compare to the overall Firefox vs IE numbers… well, how about that. 45% of people are using IE overall. I bet those people wear Skechers as well. Wow! How mean!

Let me explain-I have a personal grudge against Skechers because I watched a video in an advertising class a few years ago in which a Skechers exec admitted that they rip off their shoe designs directly from other companies.. and put the money they save on design research… into CELEBRITY ENDORSEMENTS!

Hey, on the topic of ripoffs–the other day at the gym, I saw a music video that was a blatant ripoff of Daft Punk’s iconic Around the World… only terrible. Similar set, similar costumes and choreography, but bad song and bad cinematography. It was so similar in concept that I guess you’d call it a ‘homage’ or whatever, but it was horrible in comparison to the real thing… and it is driving me insane that I can’t remember who the band was. If anyone has the answer, please let me know.

The upside to this is that I came across the ‘Daft Hands’ YouTube video while searching for the fake Around the World. Ah, youth!

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