Hey, Google Search: “TypeSHED11” “expensive” “rip-off” “up the bum”

I don’t think these variations are really variations any more. Either I’ve found the perfect design, or I’m just getting bored. Eh, what is this… I think this might be number 12 out of 15… must… keep… going.. sustain… interest…

I’ll tell you what, though. THIS.

The Wellington typography conference I was really looking forward to has announced that tickets to the three day event are $900 NZD ($616 US). W!T!F!!! And guess what! I have already seen several of the speakers talk, and they can’t pronounce “Ruscha” right!

This is crap. Total crap. This does look like a good conference, and kudos to the organizers to putting on something like this where nothing like this ever happens, but that doesn’t mean they should charge double or triple (TypeCon 2008, $320) a realistic ticket price. Semi-Permanent was $190 NZD, and it was awesome.

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