Your love’s comin at me all grainy right now (Your touch!)

Your love’s comin at me all grainy right now (Your touch!)

Yipe. The Holga doesn’t do night shots too well, or I’m using the wrong speed of film, or something. I’d better figure this out. This is a pretty grainy shot of my little sis about a month ago, standing in the headlights of a grain truck, exhausted, but graciously waiting and holding “Very Still Please!” while I used the door of the truck as a tripod. Looks like a little bit of double exposure happening here. Noice!

No word yet on the results of the Icebreaker t-shirt design contest. Perhaps that means my entries did not bring the judges to tears with their stylish insouciance. This is worrying. Maybe if I make photocopies of my entries and start wearing them to work, taped to my icebreaker t-shirts… people will be able to fully understand my visions. Ha ha ha, how funny would that be? Funny in the sense that my coworkers would be painfully, painfully embarrassed for me.

My sliced finger is healing–but the healing is very slow. My exacto knife cutting these days is slow and nervous.

I wait for the new release of the Indexhibit CMS to come out–supposed to be any day now–and then I’ll get a proper portfolio page up.
Soon and very soon!

Hey, and also I’m going to a meditation class next week. Chakra Khan, or something.

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