30: I WIN

30: I WIN

Yeahhhh! 30 t-shirt ideas in 30 *cough, mumble* days! I did it! I’m a winner! Excellent! A lot of it was cringe-worthy, but I’m still glad I made myself do it.

About this piece: I’m still over the moon about my electric blanket. I’m addicted to it. The power bill was very high this month, which prompted me to research how much money it costs per hour to run our various heaters/appliances. What did I find out? Pretty much that the electric blanket is not only awesome, it is *so cheap* to use. I wish I could marry my blanket. Maybe I can in Maine or something.

Is this thing original? Nah, not really. Lots and lots of wirey, connecto-typefaces out there. The E’s on this look like Emigre’s Suburban. I still like it, though.

Most excellently, it is now bedtime. Woohoo.

But first: my Derek Henderson print arrived from the the framers today. Oh my word. It looks beautiful. The colors of the photo look amazing with the greenish-gray color I’ve painted my wall. The frame is simple, but lovely. Pictures coming very soon.

One final note: it really has been an enriching experience to do this 30 t-shirt ideas project. I’m way out of my comfort zone when I draw, and also not too fond of publishing half-finished ideas. But I can absolutely feel a small pride in some of the ideas created, and a desire to move them into a more finished stage– and that’s the secret to happiness– for me, at least. And for Albert Einstein too:

“If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things.”

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