Fail :(

That’s it, I just can’t in good conscience extend the 30 shirts in 30 days project any longer. I couldn’t cut the mustard. I was so close. Only 2 shirt ideas to go! But once again I’m so tired that I feel like I’ve been Rohypnoled. No shirt today sir. But tomorrow I start the 2 Shirt Ideas in 2 Days project. Stay tuned.

2 Comments on "Fail :("

  • brian says

    28 shirts is not a fail.

    For much more epic fails:

    Your next step should be to package all 28 shirts and sell them as a bundle! Sign me up!*

    *Note: my shirt budget for the year is $10…that’s why my closet is mostly free shirts from trade shows.

  • allison says

    OMG! How come you always know the coolest links on the interwebs??? Completely awesome. Thanks for the cheerup. You get a copy of any actual shirts that result from this project, gratis.*
    *Note: Average cost of shipping a 1/2 lb package to the states from NZ = $6199.**
    **Coincidentally cost of NZ iPhone.

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