24: Comedown

24: Comedown

It’s no tapeworm. But it could be a Threadless tee, if you vote for it. It probably shouldn’t be, though. Spencer Pratt doesn’t even deserve negative publicity. I wouldn’t give Threadless the legal rights to any phrase I was halfway attached to… in fact it’s crap how they don’t give you a share of the profits should your shirt slogan become immensely popular.

About the song: today there was a protest convoy in Wellington that drove past Icebreaker… for hours. Honking, etcetera. So I downloaded this song and put it on the work iPod. Frankly I think I enjoyed it more than anyone else… but it made my day spectacular, so it was totally worth it.

Seven days until the iPhone is released in New Zealand.

Happy Fourth of July, America! I very much miss the celebrations. I miss them way more than I missed Thanksgiving. Who’d have thunk it.

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