An Eclectic Blanket

An Eclectic Blanket

After my sweet electric blanket post the other day, it was suggested that perhaps eclectic blankets would be an interesting avenue to pursue. I take suggestions from the one person who reads my blog pretty darn seriously. And it just so happens that I DO have an eclectic blanket! I purchased this afghan on TradeMe recently, and it has brightened every single day since. The colors are even more amazing in person. What kind of crazy LSD-trippin gam-gam knitted this thing? Was it the grandma of Frank Stella or Bridget Riley?

Did she intend it to look like a homespun portal into another universe?

In non-related news, I heard this song by Wanda Jackson the other day and thought it was super cool.

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  • brian says

    Right on. Now what about an eccentric blanket?

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