01: Envy

Today I saw a young dude’s portfolio site and got brain-numbingly jealous. How is this guy like 3 years younger than me and 15 years better? That’s it. This week’s resolution is to work harder. This guy can design 30 t-shirts in 30 days? Okay, I can at least sketch IDEAS for 30 t-shirts in 30 days. Here is number 1. It’s dedicated to the idea of getting better. I thought it would be cool to try to write the words “Toughen Up” in super frilly flimsy lacy script, like, a typographic joke, and such. Only this doesn’t look frilly. It looks queer. Maybe an ungainly baroque at best. Baroque Appalachia. I just invented that. But. The idea here is just to make myself try things, and post them no matter what.

2 Comments on "01: Envy"

  • GREAATTT… I clicked on that youngdude’s link and now jealous has spread like a STD… thanks Allison, thanks.

  • allison says

    Somehow knowing that I have passed this feeling to someone else actually makes me feel better… :D

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