Back on the chain! gang!

Yeah! I’ve got a new blog. You know how mullets are “business up front, party in the back?” Yeah, well this super new blog is party up front, with the business taking place out back on the portfolio page.

This two-pronged structure is born out of 1) my desire to keep in touch with friends and family, as well as 2) the nagging guilt I feel when I don’t have an online portfolio. I suppose some other factors came into play as well. Such as 3) my love of my new Holga camera and 4) my need to brag about how beautiful New Zealand is by showcasing my Holga pics. Ultimately I’d like to keep a lot of these entries design-themed. Not sure if this will be easy or hard to do.

About the image above: It’s graffiti-ed graffiti! I used to walk past this happy fellow every day on my way to/from work, when I lived up in a northern suburb of Wellington. I could go on and on about how adorable it is, and how smart it is that someone made that cute little bear inside of a dumb old graffiti B. I’ll try to keep most of these feelings in check. But the hands, the jaunty little hands!

And I like the indigo-colored Holga light-leak in the upper left corner of the photo. My Holga is an extension of my subconscious mind.

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